Footbinding – Part 3/3: The End of an Era

The silk bandage still warm and fragrant,
Jade lotus hidden under the skirt,
She comes like a floating fairy.
Next to the lifted curtain,
She looks so delicate as if the wind could blow her away;
She walks lightly around the pond, not disturbing the moss.
On the silent path,
Her flowing skirt does not stir any dust.
After a swing,
She leans on her lover’s shoulder with a smile,
and takes time to pull off her shoes

                           – Liang Qingbiao



Foot binding – Part 2/3: The pain and the pleasure

A pair of tiny feet,
Two jugs of tears.
– Chinese ditty

There are seven categories that foot connoisseurs use to determine the beauty and eroticism of a bound foot. A foot, to have the desired effect, must have all these seven attributes: small, slim, pointed, arched, fragrant, soft and straight. Achieving this is not easy, and takes time and effort, not to mention pain.


Foot binding – Part 1/3: A search for perfection

Her powdered pink face,
Prettier than a peach;
Her twin golden lotuses,
Perfect fit for my hands.
I’ll take you home as my bride,
In a coloured sedan chair.