Female Genital Mutilation 3/3: Current statistics

To round up this series, just posting current information on this practice.


This entire process would obviously be a traumatic experience for any girl. For some, it leads to life-long phobia whereas it produces erotophobia (fear of sex) in others leading to a strong sexual block that might take years of therapy to overcome. Since most of these circumcisions are done informally by unqualified women, they lead to infections that could lead to serious diseases. Chronic pain, burning during urinations, bleeding and kidney problems occur quite frequently among the victims of this practise. In some cases, even diseases such as AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis are passed on to the girl children. Menstruation is sometimes delayed due to the closing of the vaginal passage and in many cases, the blood collects in the womb if the vagina is not reopened.



Female Genital Mutilation 2/3: Reasons & Origins of FGM

A deeper look into the reasons and origins for the perpetration of this horrific practice shows that people in different countries practice FGM for very different purposes. The history of female genital mutilation is not very well recorded, but there are many different speculations about it. Many of them do not make much sense; some of them seem relevant. Here is a list of the different theories that are thrown about:


Female Genital Mutilation 1/3: Types of FGM/C

Oh! What a shame,
That you who drum to our ears
To revere the dignity between our legs,
Become the ones that destroy it.

                                           – Chinwe Azubuike